Subsea training Centre Health and Safety Policy

Safety is the responsibility of every individual & no job or service is so important or urgent that we cannot take the time to perform work safely.

The diverse activities conducted through and by this facility are all in the medium to high risk category. There is a requirement that necessary background theory is imparted to all students, staff, tutors, guides, supervisors, and other individual members of the public who visit, join, or formally enrol to take part in any of these activities.
The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires that the Sub Sea Training Centre (PCBU),-MUST ensure so far a reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers who work or are engaged by the PCBU, whilst the workers are at work on all sites. We are directly responsible for all individuals, workers and visitors on our sites at any time whilst they are under our direct control. We must ensure that individuals are comfortable and can demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence prior to engaging in any activities that could lead to injury. Our company philosophy is that all staff (both full/Contractor and / or part time) are safety-first focused at all times and will follow all company policies and procedures to the letter.

 STC recognises that the promotion and maintenance of occupational health and safety is the responsibility of all persons in the workplace. It is the duty of every person to ensure that each task is undertaken in a safe manner and to comply with the safe work procedures at all times as outlined in Operations manual.
 Employees or contractors are expected to report any unsafe condition or work practice to the Operations Manager without delay.
 STC considers a healthy working environment and accident prevention as being of the greatest importance in all our operations. It is the duty of all employees, students and other participants to conform to STC policy, codes of practice and manuals and to accept and carry out their responsibilities.
 All employees with specific responsibility for health and safety must ensure that the responsibility is adequately delegated in their absence.
 All employees who authorise work to be carried out at any time must ensure there are adequate health and safety facilities available.
 The appropriate legislation and statutory regulation applicable to onshore activities will be complied with at all times, but this in itself is not enough. All employees and contractors have a legal duty to take responsible care of themselves and any other person who may be affected by their acts and omissions whilst at work, and to co-operate with STC and all other persons directly or indirectly involved in STC activities.
 All work methods should be continually appraised to identify ways of reducing risk to employees, contractors, students, and members of the public.
 The management will give full backing to this policy and will support all those who endeavour to carry it out.
 The participation of all members of our workforce is required if we are to achieve our goal of a safe and healthy work environment.
 If in doubt about a task or undertaking- STOP AND ASK