You are welcome to stay at a location of your own choice during the training ** However most of students choose Lake Hakanoa Motor Caravan Park which offers a competitive rate.

Because of the teamwork requirements of commercial diving, it is considered a valuable part of the learning experience to also live as a team for the duration of the training. As such we highly recommend staying at the campsite for the duration of the course.

It is bunk room style accommodation, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Students are required to provide their own bedding, although on request bedding may be available from the Caravan Park, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Accommodation is approximately 4km from the school and should not be considered walking distance. The School operates a regular shuttle to coincide with class start and finish times.

We can book this for you however you will be responsible for meeting the full costs of this during your studies. The cost of this is $84 for 7 days. Domestic students funded through StudyLink should be able to get additional allowances to cover this cost or through other agencies such as WINZ. Students should discuss this with the relevant agency.


**Restrictions on traveling to altitude before and after training dives may restrict your accommodation options- please contact us prior to confirming your choice (if other than lake Hakanoa camp ground)