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Hamilton, New Zealand
Next intake
23 Jan 2020 - 27 Jan 2020
5 days (Thursday-Monday) -Including weekend
Domestic fees
Intenational fees

This Refresher course may be undertaken up to three months prior and two months after the expiry of the full DMT certification



Program number 121516
 ADAS Diver Medical Technician - Refresher
Level 06
Total credits 4
Total learning hours 40


Hold a current DMT certification or one that has expired by no more than eight
* Current recognised certification in Apply First Aid, or Advanced First Aid, that
includes Administer oxygen in an emergency situation, and Apply advanced
resuscitation techniques
* A valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued, after examination, by a doctor
trained and experienced in underwater medicine, that remains valid until the
scheduled completion of the training
* For onshore diver medic certification, applicants will have a current ADAS Part 2
* For offshore diver medic certification, applicants will also have current ADAS Part 3,
or Part 4, or Life Support Technician certification or recognised equivalent

Start dates

# Start date End date
1 23 January 2020 27 January 2020
2 28 May 2020 1 June 2020
3 3 September 2020 7 September 2020
4 10 December 2020 14 December 2020