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Hamilton, New Zealand
Next intake
28 Feb 2019 - 4 Mar 2019
5 days (Thursday-Monday) -Including weekend
Domestic fees
Special $1200-Normally $1835
Intenational fees
Special $1200-Normally $1835

This Refresher course may be undertaken up to three months prior and two months after the expiry of the full DMT certification



Program number 121516
 ADAS Diver Medical Technician - Refresher
Level 06
Total credits 4
Total learning hours 40


Hold a current DMT certification or one that has expired by no more than eight
* Current recognised certification in Apply First Aid, or Advanced First Aid, that
includes Administer oxygen in an emergency situation, and Apply advanced
resuscitation techniques
* A valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued, after examination, by a doctor
trained and experienced in underwater medicine, that remains valid until the
scheduled completion of the training
* For onshore diver medic certification, applicants will have a current ADAS Part 2
* For offshore diver medic certification, applicants will also have current ADAS Part 3,
or Part 4, or Life Support Technician certification or recognised equivalent



Start dates

# Start date End date
1 28 February 2019 4 March 2019
2 2 May 2019 6 May 2019
3 15 August 2019 19 August 2019
4 17 October 2019 21 October 2019