Quick info

Hamilton, New Zealand
6 weeks full time (Monday-Friday)
Domestic fees
$10,700 (funding not available)
Intenational fees

The purpose of this training scheme is to build on Occupational SSBA certification by
introducing air diving and hyperbaric operations to 50 m to provide learners with the
minimum certification required for employment in offshore construction air diving work
in the subsea industries in New Zealand and internationally. It meets requirements for
the NZ Certificate of Competence - Construction Diving that is required for


Program number 121514
ADAS Occupational Deep SSBA
Level 05
Total credits 18
Total learning hours 180


Entry to the training scheme requires evidence of
Either a current ADAS Occupational SSBA 30m certificate or an approved equivalent

A valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued, after examination, by a doctor
trained and experienced in underwater medicine, that remains valid until the
scheduled completion of the training

Either a recognised current Diver Medic Technician certificate, or a current First Aid
certificate from an ADAS accredited training organisation, or a recognised equivalent,
certified within 3 years of the scheduled training completion and with CPR and oxygen
resuscitation skills that have been refreshed within 12 months of the scheduled
training completion

Understand written and verbal communications in English and communicate
effectively in English with other persons (this requirement will be evidenced by
successful completion of the ADAS LLN test required for Scuba and Occupational
SSBA entry, or alternative for entry to an approved equivalent)