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Hamilton, New Zealand
2 weeks full time
Domestic fees

Manage and supervise dive teams on SSBA to depths of 30m or 50m

The purpose of this training scheme is to build on occupational diving certification
through training and assessment of the theory, background knowledge and practical
skills for safe and competent on-site dive supervision and management, paying
specific attention to occupational health and safety law, hazard ID and risk
assessment and management of dive emergencies. The course includes
assessment of the planning and supervision of actual or simulated dives and
communication with actual dive teams.


ADAS SSBA 30m/50m Onshore Supervisor


Entry to the training scheme requires evidence of
* Either a current ADAS Occupational  SSBA 30m or 50m Diver certificate or an approved
equivalent with 100 logged SSBA dives between 0-30m and 75 hours of bottom time
gained over at least 12 months with a broad range of conditions including zero/limited
visibility, salt and fresh water, currents and varied sea states, decompression diving,
hot water suits and a broad range of tools.

* Either a recognised current Diver Medic Technician certificate, or a current First Aid
certificate from an ADAS accredited training organisation, or a recognised equivalent,
certified within 3 years of the scheduled training completion and with CPR and oxygen
resuscitation skills that have been refreshed within 12 months of the scheduled
training completion

* Understand written and verbal communications in English and communicate
effectively in English with other persons (this requirement will be evidenced by
successful completion of the ADAS LLN test required for Part 1 and 2 entry, or
alternative for entry to an approved equivalent)

* Demonstrate sufficient maturity, leadership, management skills and the ability to
provide support to other groups of workers.(letter supplied by a company you have worked for)



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