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Hamilton, New Zealand
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29 Jan 2019 - 30 Jan 2019
2 days (full course)

The purpose of this program (nominal duration of 18 hrs) is to provide participants with training in basic life support and in the first aid management of the more common and/or more serious injuries or illnesses that may be encountered within the general community at home, the workplace or during recreation.

You will be trained in first aid procedures that should enable you to assist an injured or ill person until medical aid is accessed. Topics include: management of the unresponsive victim, resuscitation, bleeding, respiratory emergencies, cardiac emergencies, fractures, soft tissue injuries, head injuries, diabetes, epilepsy/convulsions, envenomation, poisoning, and thermal injuries. You will participate in both theory and practical sessions, which will be followed by a skills assessment and multiple-choice theory knowledge test.

After the competent completion of all of the required skills, you will receive a Statement of Attainment from DAN when the registration procedures have been completed. The program is accredited by State and National government recognition authorities under National Training Recognition Scheme



(Nationally Recognised In Australia - RTO 4659)


Scheduled Full Courses – includes self study online

$250 (3 yearly Refresher)

Annual CPR Certificate of Competency  as per AS/NZ 2299.1


Fees for (ad-hoc) Courses Outside of Schedule 

1 Person           1st aid $400       

2 people            1st aid $350    

3 People           1st aid $300       

4 People           1st aid $250       

5 People           1st aid $250       

Start dates

# Start date End date
1 29 January 2019 30 January 2019
2 26 March 2019 27 March 2019
3 28 May 2019 29 May 2019
4 30 July 2019 31 July 2019
5 24 September 2019 25 September 2019