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Hamilton, New Zealand
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30 Jan 2019 - 30 Jan 2019
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This program is suitable for people of all levels, from novice to instructor. The course consists of one unit of competency: Provide Oxygen in Dive Accidents. This unit consists of two Elements of Competency:- Resuscitation and Oxygen Provider each with a nominal duration of 4 hours.

These elements can be undertaken separately (as is the case with the DAN Oxygen Provider Course in most countries), or can be combined into one program with a nominal duration of 8 hours by an appropriately qualified instructor.

Participants must be 14 years or older. In addition, participants must have completed the Resuscitation element, hold a current CPR certificate, or must have been assessed as “Competent” in CPR by the DAN Instructor.

Most injured divers are breathing and require supplemental oxygen. The Oxygen Provision in Dive Accidents component is designed to teach the skills needed to perform this task safely and effectively. Topics covered include diving accident recognition, the benefits of oxygen provision, precautions and safety procedures, and oxygen provision to both responsive and unresponsive victims. Participants are certified in the use of the DAN Oxygen Unit, or an equivalent system.

The Resuscitation component, when conducted, is designed to train participants in the management of the unresponsive victim and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The program has been carefully designed to conform to local resuscitation and oxygen administration protocols, and the certification is well recognised throughout the world through the International DAN Federation (IDAN). Although DAN Asia-Pacific believes that DAN-style units fulfil the needs of most dive professionals, it has developed Extension Modules to train people in the use of more advanced oxygen equipment for those who have a specific need or desire for such training. Extension Modules include MTV-100, Bag-Valve-Mask 



(Nationally Recognised In Australia - RTO 4659)


Scheduled Full Courses – includes self study online

$150 (2 yearly Refresher)

Annual 02 Provider Certificate of Competency  as per AS/NZ 2299.1



Fees for (ad-hoc) Courses Outside of Schedule 

1 Person            $400       

2 people            $350    

3 People            $300       

4 People            $250       

5 People            $250  




Start dates

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1 30 January 2019 30 January 2019
2 27 March 2019 27 March 2019
3 29 May 2019 29 May 2019
4 31 July 2019 31 July 2019
5 25 September 2019 25 September 2019